Diary From the Dome

Hurricane Katrina Book

                                   Reflections on Fear and Privilege during Hurricane Katrina

The first non-fiction book written by a Hurricane Katrina Superdome evacuee.  Available online from Amazon.com for $4.99.


                                                                            DISCLOSURE:  This book is a personal memoir.  That means it reflects the author's experiences during an important part of his/her life.  It definitely includes some strong opinions of the George W. Bush Administration as well as the author's views of human behavior in general.  If you are a fan of G.W. Bush or Fox "News" this book will probably not be for you.   
Diary from the Dome is a personal chronicle of two very different trips to New Orleans- 'America's Most Soulful City.' The first chronicle is  the author's 1977 trip, recorded in his journals as 'a naive twenty-one-year-old discovering himself.'  The second trip finds the author    caught in the vicious storm, Hurricane Katrina, and eventually becoming trapped as a tourist inside the New Orleans Superdome- with 20,000 other helpless people.


This incisive and opinionated memoir presents Harris's observations of human behavior at its best and at its worst and also serves as an eloquent tribute to 'the incredible citizens of New Orleans.'

Throughout the pages of "Diary From The Dome", author Paul Harris takes the reader on a vicarious journey back to a controversial time when one would find it nearly impossible to believe in America's status as the world's foremost superpower. Over the past seven years, countless stories of the horrendous aftermath of Hurricane Katrina have been shared in all forms of media, but relatively few pack the powerful, personalized punch that Harris delivers in his journalized memoir. From Ground Zero itself, Harris bore personal witness to the destructive impact of the calamitous storm, as well as the pain, despair, and desperation felt by all those left in its wake. In no uncertain terms, Harris pulls no punches in telling the real stories of those affected by one of the worst natural disasters in American history - even going so far as to call the mainstream media to task for its more often than not blatant misrepresentations of the events that he not only observed - but struggled to lived through. 

Raw, real, and refreshingly honest, Diary From The Dome is required reading for anyone wanting to learn the real story behind the natural and human tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina. An absolute must-read.  Be warned that this is personal memoir and political treatise by the author.                                               

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About Paul A. Harris

Paul A. Harris is a native Californian who studied Political Science and Psychology at the University of California, Davis.
He has worked as an assistant deputy probation officer and many years as a Library Supervisor. His work has been published in City Beat, the Waco Times, and the Davis Enterprise.  

He retired from UC San Diego in 2008 and moved to the quaint art mecca of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  In 2012 he and his partner moved to So. California where he opened up the first California dealership for Rhoadescars (4-wheel bicycles) to assist in creating a greener world. He currently works part-time at the Rancho Mirage Library in the Coachella Valley.

He reminds readers that his book is a memoir.  It is "his" reflections on an important part of his life and therefore offers some strong political opinions about human behavior, accountability, and his personal views.

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